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Here you will find some links to websites which will inform you about activities in the Perigord (around Le Buisson-de-Cadouin).

We wish you a pleasant journey around these sites.

Websites about activities in the Périgord:


At this site you will find the weather forecast in the area.


This is the official website of "Pays de Bergerac". Here you will find a lot of information about tourist attractions. 


In August 2000 the caves of Maxange were discovered in Le Buisson de Cadouin.

The caves are all situated on one level and thus easy accessible. Due to its specific lime formations the crystals are 

unique of their kind and the caves are certainly worth a visit . 


In Montignac you can visit Lascaux II, a copy of the world famous cave of Lascaux.


The caves of Rouffignac are on the list of world monuments of Unesco. With a total length of eight km they are one of the largest tunnels of the western hemisphere. 


This Cathedral of Crystals was discovered a hundred years ago in 2007. In the meanwhile it is the biggest furnished cavity in the Périgord. Through a tunnel you will access a subterranean vault filled with breathtaking crystals. 


This hideout was build thousands of years ago by cliff inhabitants. It is a unique possibility to observe the first human forms of civilisation. The first humans lived there at least 55.000 years ago. 


For many years Chateau Milandes was the home of Josephine Baker. In this castle you will get an impression of the life this remarkable woman lived. 


This, in the twelfth-century build, castle will give you a historical view of the art of warfare in the Middle Ages. 

It contains a collection of weapons and equipment, a furnished tower and a scale model of the siege of 1442. 


A few years ago this was nothing more than a tall keep, build in 1380. Now, architects discovered – under 350 years’ worth of vegetation - the remains of a fortified village with houses and towers for knights and living accommodations carved out in the bare rock. 


he construction of this historical castle was finished in 1576. The rooms are decorated with tapestries from the 16th century and weapons and furniture from the 17th century. 


Chateau Monbazillac was build around 1550 by the Aydie family. It has hardly changed since that day. 

You can conclude your tour of the castle with a wine tasting of the delicious wines of La Cave de Monbazillac. 


After a big restoration this park opened its doors for visitors in 1997. The gardens are situated on high cliffs and dominate the valley of the Dordogne river. The views are stunning.


This fresh water aquarium has 16 different basins. There are many different creatures to see, among them turtles from Florida, eels and many varieties of carp.